Cartoon Angry Boss


An angry cartoon boss has all sorts of uses, most of which won’t get you fired. I don’t have many cartoon people for sale in my microstock catalogs. I prefer drawing animals but every once in awhile a person can be a fun subject. This cartoon boss has what I call, potato fists. The hands are intentionally larger than the limbs they’re attached to, and round in shape. This irregular sizing helps to give the character a comical stance. This comical stance helps to soften some of his anger, which helps to make him a more appealing character overall.

Cartoon Football Player

North American football is going strong at this time of year. There are crispy fall days and plenty of games on TV to keep us engaged as the days get shorter. I have a small collection of cartoon football players available for sale in the microstock community. Capturing just the right moment or expression in the pose or on the face of a player can really make or break a character.